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June 11, 2021

Dr. Meriam Caboral-Stevens, PNAM Executive Board Member, received $1,000 from PNAA Research Award for her research study, "Moderating effect of social support and spirituality in the relationship between COVID-19 stressors and well-being among Filipino nurses." Dr. Caboral-Stevens, a tenured Associate Professor at the School of Nursing and the Center for Health Disparities Innovations and Studies at Eastern Michigan University, will be the Principal Investigator for this project. She will be working with several national nursing experts from academia and practice in this project: Dr. Lorraine Evangelista (Associate Dean for Research & Scholarship, and Professor Lena Finke Distinguished Chair for Nursing Arts University of Texas Medical Branch, School of Nursing, TX); Dr. Marty Delbert (Professor School of Nursing, Eastern Michigan University); Ms. Laarni Florencio (Program Director, Continuing Education Nursing Professional Development Center for Professional Nursing Practice New York Presbyterian, NY); Dr. Brigitte Cypress (Associate Professor, School of Nursing- Camden, Rutgers University, NJ); and Dr. Maria Rosario-Sim (Professor Emeritus; College of Nursing SUNY Downstate Medical Center at Brooklyn, NY). The anonymous study will be also explore experience of COVID-19 stressors, including discrimination, occupational
fatigue, and poor sleep quality. She will receive the award at the 42nd PNAA Annual Convention on July 24, 2021. Please keep an eye on the survey in your mailbox in the next few months.

If you have any questions related to the study, feel free to contact Dr. Caboral-Stevens at

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